HeeBeeGeeBees - 2 CD Set

The HeeBeeGeeBees - All The Hits And More - 2 CD
  • The HeeBeeGeeBees - All The Hits And More - 2 CD
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Meaningless Songs - HeeBeeGeeBees; (Dancing) Up The Wall - Jack Michaelson; Dead Cicada - The Beagles; Quite Ahead Of My Time - David Bowwow; You're My Son - Kenny Rogered; Boring Song - Status Quid; Ah! - HeeBeeGeeBees; Too Depressed To Commit Suicide - The PeeCees; Simple Song - Paul McCarthrob and Wangs; Granma - St Winnalot's Reform School Choir; Music Machine - Babba; Oh Me! - Larry Pilsson;Bird Of Peace - Neil Dung, Bob Vylan, The Bland, Frank Sumatra, Deam Martian, Leonard Crowing, George Harrassing; Pretty Boys On Video - Drone Drone; Kiss And Make Up (That's What You Always Say) -Couture Club; Purple Pants (Purple Pants) - Ponce; (When) Two Songs (Sound The Same) - Frankie Goes To The Bank; Wherever I Lay - Paul Yuk; Scatalogical Song - Supertrash; Dancelot - Poxy Music; Toyland Rhapsody (Parts 1 & 2) - Queer ; Gary Clitter Is Back - Garry Clitter; Get 'Em Off Irene - Sexist Midnight Runners; I Don't Want Your Baby - Human Leak; Bored In The USA - Bruce Springbok; Song Without A Tune - Billy Idiot; Curdled Milk And Boot Polish - Paul McCarthrob and Stevie Blunder; Are Trains Electric? - Gary Inhuman; Out Of Proportion (It's) - Jack Michaelson; I Don't Wanna Smoke (Anymore Dope) - Eddy Grunt; Lies - Spamdown Belly; We Can't Have Hits (On Our Own) (Anymore) - Stars Over 45 featuring Kenny Rogered, Dolly Hardon, Julio Insidias, Bob Vylan, Frank Sumatra, Paul McCarthrob, John Denture, Jackie Michaelson And The HeeBeeGeeBees

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