Glen Campbell - Live Anthology
  • Glen Campbell - Live Anthology
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This celebration, showcases the greatest live performances of Glen Campbell's hit songs in one stunning package. It contains 22 classic songs from his '60s and ‘70s heyday.

Of the 22 tracks on this compilation, 12 of them reached the Top Ten, with five of those hitting the #1 position! Includes great hits like 'Gentle On My Mind', 'Rhinestone Cowboy', 'Wichita Lineman', 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix', 'Southern Nights' and many other unforgettable hits.

  1. Rhinestone Cowboy

  2. Galveston

  3. By The Time I Get To Phoenix

  4. Try A Little Kindness

  5. Wichita Lineman

  6. Gone, Gone, Gone

  7. Walkin' In The Sun

  8. On A Good Night

  9. True Grit

  10. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

  11. I Remember You

  12. I'm One Woman Man

  13. Orange Blossom Special

  14. The Highwayman

  15. The Streets Of London

  16. A Thing Called Love

  17. Southern Nights

  18. William Tell Overture

  19. Beach Boys Medley: Good Vibrations; California Girls; Fun Fun Fun; I Get Around; Surfin' USA

  20. Amazing Grace

  21. Mull Of Kintyre

  22. Gentle On My Mind

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Reg Livermore - Betty Blokk Buster Follies CD
  • Reg Livermore - Betty Blokk Buster Follies CD
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On 16 April 1975, a saucy hausfrau with a feather duster and a bare bottom stepped onto the stage of the Balmain Bijou and changed Australian theatre. Betty Blokk Buster Follies was the talk of the town. The one-man show was hailed by The National Times as "the greatest thing since Rice Bubbles" and its creator, Reg Livermore, became a star.

Relive the music and words from your favourite characters including, Betty Blokk-buster, a German maid who entertained the troops during the war; an old man who recalls his youth as a male model; and Vaseline Amyl Nitrate, a football star who joins the Australian ballet, to name a few.

1. Cabaret - Tiller Girls 2. Family Of Man 3. Money 4. Voice Of Experience 5. Hello In There 6. Captain Jack 7. Last Cigarette 8. Matrimony 9. What Makes A Man A Man? 10. Long Tall Glasses 11. The Entertainer 12. Is That All There Is 13. Walk On The Wild Side 14. Train 15. Travelling Prayer 16. Ticking 17. Celluloid Heroes 18. Silverbird 19. The Show Must Go On 20. S.O.L.O.
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The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - The Colonial Boys
  • The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - The Colonial Boys
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The Colonial Boys present 16 whip-cracking Australiana classics. Filled with patriotic Australian songs.

1. Bound For South Australia 2. Waltzing Matilda 3. Bound For Botany Bay 4. The Wild Colonial Boy 5. Flash Jack From Gundagai 6. The Man From Snowy River 7. Springtime, It Brings On The Shearing 8. Lime Juice Tub 9. Clancy Of The Overflow 10. Click Go The Shears 11. Moreton Bay 12. On The Road To Gundagai 13. The Euabalong Ball 14. The Drover's Dream 15. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda 16. The Overlanders
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Australian Cast Rocky Horror Show
  • Australian Cast Rocky Horror Show
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As the first Rocky Horror Show production outside of the U.S. and U.K., much of the original creative team was used with this cast: director Jim Sharman, designer Brian Thomson, and costumer Sue Blane. The show ran for three and a half years, transferring to Melbourne in October 1975 and then to Adelaide in August 1977 before finally closing.

The producer was Harry M. Miller, who actually heard Richard O'Brien's demo tape before The Rocky Horror Show even opened at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

Here you can relive songs from one of the most iconic stage productions ever, highlighted by the cult characters Rocky Horror has given us.

  1. Science Fiction 2. Wedding Song 3. Over At The Frankensteins Place 4. Sweet Transvestite 5. Time Warp 6. Sword Of Damocles 7. Charles Atlas Song 8. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night 9. Touch A Touch Me 10. Once In A While 11. Eddie's Teddy 12. Planet Schmanet Janet 13. It Was Great When It All Began / I'm Going Home 14. Super Heroes
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Melanie - Working Legend All Her Hits And More
  • Melanie - Working Legend All Her Hits And More
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Melanie Safka first attracted national attention when she stepped onto the stage at Woodstock in the summer of ‘69. As dawn broke, and rain began to fall, she performed on a stage that transformed a generation and changed music forever. It was there where Melanie launched a legendary career that has spanned more than 40 years.

  1. Baby Guitar 2. Silver Threads And Golden Needles 3. Working Legend (My Tribute To Johnny Cash) 4. Lay Down - Candles In The Rain 5. Ring The Living Bell (Shine The Living Light) 6. What Have They Done To My Song Ma 7. Brand New Key 8. Ruby Tuesday 9. Nickel Song 10. The Good Book 11. Christopher Robin 12. Animal Crackers 13. Beautiful People 14. Leftover Wine 15. Peace Will Come (According To Plan) 16. Summer Of Love 17. Rag Doll 18. Purple Haze (live) 19. Alexander Beetle
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Marc Bolan & T-Rex - Thunderwing - CD
  • Marc Bolan & T-Rex - Thunderwing - CD
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Marc Bolan left a phenomenal amount of recorded work, spanning his thirty-year career, confirming his energy, drive and ambition as a musician.

Over the last two decades unheard solo and T.Rex studio recordings have been made available, much of this material has increased our knowledge of bolan’s working methods, and in many cases, reveals aspects of his work not appreciated during his lifetime.

Indeed, as with other superstars of the time, the music of Marc Bolan was originally considered as, but also dismissed as transient contemporary popular music.

Today it has relevance and cultural value.

 1. The Groover

  1. Jitterbug Love

  2. Telegram Sam

  3. Metal Guru

  4. Thunderwing

  5. Rock On

  6. The Slider

  7. Baby Boomerang

  8. Main Man

  9. Sunken Rags

  10. Laser Love

  11. 20th Century Boy

  12. Children Of The Revolution

All recorded just before the final sessions for The Slider and Tanx albums - under the watchful eye of Tony Visconti - these tracks all show a bit of history.

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